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The Voice: Battle Round No. 3

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The Voice Battle Round 3

Now after last week’s battle I was a bit skeptical but I went into this battle round with an open mind. I was very anxious to see what the coaches had in store for us with the pairings and the song selection.
So we jump right in it:

*Please click the battle headers to view video clips of each battle*

Now when I saw this pairing I was immediately on Jessica’s side. I LOVE HER! I loved her audition! That rendition of Burno Mars - Marry Me was the best for me and I was excited that Usher saw the potential and turned his chair. Vedo I barely remember his audition and I did not turn my chair but he does have a nice smooth voice. In the practice session he starts off strong, clearly he knows the song, Jessica on the other hand was a bit unsure about this song and if she could make the notes necessary to successfully win the battle. Pharell steps in and just boosts her confidence and I just literally melt. Gis thought Vedo was showing off a little bit on Jessica but she agreed with Pharrell that she could hit the notes, she just wasn’t accustom to doing it and she sounded great when she did hit them. As Jessica’s confidence grew we started to look at Vedo and hoped he doesn’t get lost in the battle. From the get go though they both came out swinging, they were both strong. They harmonized perfectly with Jessica hitting some high notes perfectly and Vedo not backing down and hitting his high notes equally as perfect. I was diehard Jessica throughout but Gis thought Vedo was stronger and thought he should get it. We were definitely not on the same page, actually I was pretty annoyed with her because she wasn’t on my page. I felt that they both did their thing, and left it all out on the stage. I liked Shakira’s comment that Jessica looks like she could be everybody’s friend and I LOVED that Adam wanted to be her friend J. I wanted Usher to pick Vedo just so Adam could steal Jessica and I thought with all my heart that, that is what was going to happen when Usher did choose Vedo but I was so disappointed, so very disappointed when Adam did not steal Jessica. I was ready to pack it in, but I rallied on. Bye Jessica, call me and I’ll be your friend.

Giz: Womp womp wooooooomp. Bye Jess!!! Yay Vedo!!!!

I remember Monique’s audition because I loved it! I loved the song and I loved her energy. I didn’t see Luke’s audition though and because of this and because I like Monique I was more on her side than Luke’s. Luke however totally shocked me during the practice session and I was impressed and I anxiously awaited the actual battle.
When it started all I had to say was – Oh hey Luke where did you come from with that strong voice. I was definitely not expecting that, then I looked at Monique and was like oh hey Mo I love that dress and I love that voice! Monique was hitting those notes fantastically and on pitch I was in love with it. Luke was not backing down though and I loved it, he hit a high note and it raised my pores and that was like him saying ‘hey look at me, I am still here and singing this song to you know.’ And oh honey we heard you. They both had great chemistry on stage and just like the judges I had to wonder if something was going on between them. But for me the battle was Monique’s even though Luke surprised us all and we loved it, I hoped someone steal him if he didn’t win. Although the other judges chose Luke, Shakira chose to stick with her genre and picked Monique to win. Thankfully the other judges were on the ball and both Usher and Blake went in for the steal (side note: I was baffled as to why Adam didn’t push his button tho). Blake went all in and Usher just played it cool, which I was surprised at. I think Luke was surprised as well so he went with Blake and I wasn’t too trilled but hey at least he is still in the competition.

I saw both auditions and totally expected that Blake would have chosen Savannah but it was out of left field for me when he chose Jacqui because her genre is not country. But it was somewhat interesting how he paired them. From the get go Savannah was excited about the song because she’s familiar with it and I just knew that Blake was going to choose her.
This battle wasn’t moving or epic or spectacular for me and neither was it for Giselle. It was mediocre to me and I barely paid attention. I did notice that Savannah had a great ballad voice, she hit the notes strong and on point. Jacqui tried to hold her own and her voice was not bad but not for the song. Oh Blake you are such a genre stickler with this country song. To  me the battle was always Savannah’s and  now thinking of it, maybe that is what Blake always wanted, hmmm. Anyways Savannah won and Jacqui was not stolen. Bye Jacqui.

Giz: My tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn!!!

Sooooooo, It’s now my turn to review the last three battles of the evening. I just want to put out there that none of these battles could top Holly and Michelle’s rendition of Blown Away. That was by far the best battle (vocally) I’ve seen on The Voice!
I’d also like to say that though I was supposed to be watching with Tonz, she wanted to sleep when the last 3 battles started. I thought this was UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! Therefore I had to put her on blast (aka rat her out). DIFFERENT BOOK Tonia, DIFFERENT BOOK!

Anywho,the first battle was between Team Shakira: C. Perkins and Kris Thompson – Itwill Rain
Honestly, I didn’t have much of an opinion about C, seeing that we did not see his audition. See what I did there? …and there? Lol. Anyway, Kris, on the other hand had a wonderful audition, turning my chair immediately  I love Kris, I hope he reads this. I can appreciate a smooth voice that can go places not others can. So Kris was my choice from the start.
In the Battle practices, Kris had the clear advantage while C struggles to embrace his own wonderful sound. Shakira urged him to not try to do what Kris does naturally with his voice but to master his own. And boy did he! C came back to practice with a confidence that blew me away. I was impressed. Tonz on the other  hand, was waiting for the battle to be over! LMAO! She was upset from the loss of Jess and that transcended through the entire night! She did however agree that last night was a Bruno Mars Night! SAME PAGE!
During their rendition, I was amazed, it was almost flawless. A little reserved, but near perfection. C had me impressed, but Kris, with his…Krisness continued to have my heart. His smooth voice just slid those vocals out effortlessly and he won in my book. But C, *standing ovation* because I wasn’t expecting it.
In the end, Kris won, which was what Tonz and I expected. But we were sad to see C go. BUUUUUT! Usher, in his infinite wisdom, pushed his button at the last minute for the steal and I agree that it was well worth the suspense. Congrats C…Congrats Kris, you both get to stay! Wonderful Rendition and I love you Usher!!!!

Next: Team Adam: Maidas Wale vs Patrick Dodd – Burning Love
Let me just say, Patrick Dodd should cover the Baywatch Theme song!!! His voice is so much Jimi Jamison of Survivor it’s ridiculous!!! I love his voice. That is all.
I lied, that’s not all. Tonz, in her depressed state was waiting patiently for the episode to be over, HOWEVER, since Patrick has a rass, that peaked her interest. She said, and I QUOTE, “He has a drop draws voice”. *crickets* Well I know his voice is awesome, but to say ALLLLLL that…smh. Gotta love Tonz!
Maidas Wale, I love their sound, but Patrick won my heart!
During their practice, I guess the major issue for me was for Patrick to be heard and I think this view was emulated by Hillary Scott (I love your voice Hillary especially in Need You Now), who told Patrick to let his voice be heard along with Maidas Wale. In truth and in fact, when I did hear him, I thought all three fit together. Most notably for me was the fact that Adam decided to put a Bluegrass feeling to the song, to bring it up to tempo and make it more enjoyable! I loved it.
During the Battle rendition, both Maidas Wale and Patrick did their thing. They really did compliment eachother. I did think however, that the duo overshadowed Patrick, not in terms of vocal quality because he’s a rasta Jimi Jamison, but in terms of volume. They were loud! But Patrick was just awesome.
In the end, Maidas Wale emerged victorious and Patrick was sent home. Adam, I was disappointed, however, I’m at home singing in my shower and you’re the coach, so I guess I have to have faith in you! *avid TeamAdam supporter over here*. Tonz was rather upset as well. Same Page!!! She wasn't as nice in her thoughts about Adam’s decision though. Different Book! Please excuse her, she was VERY upset no one stole Jess! To Patrick, I say continue to do what you do. I love your voice. Please cover The Baywatch Theme song!!! To Maidas Wale; good luck in the next round! To Adam; sing to me!

Finally: Team Usher Orlando Dixon and Ray Innes – Aint No Sunshine!
I remember Orlando’s audition. It didn't turn my chair. Ray on the other hand astounded me and I loved him from that moment. That’s the mindset I went into this battle with.
I was so glad when Usher and Pharrell chose Ain’t No Sunshine. I love that song. *sings song*. During the practice, Ray tore it up, as I expected him to. He brought that, old school passionate feel that he brought in his audition to this classic with no effort at all. Orlando was having a harder time. Usher and Pharrell advised that he work on his approach, to feel the lack of sunshine. Then he had a one on one with them. Pharrell, with his gorgeous self, told him to open up and not hide behind the frills and thrills of his vocals and be vulnerable to the song (which makes a whole lot of sense, cause that song oozes vulnerability).  Sadly, Orlando began to cry, speaking of his need to do well in order to support his mother and sister. I hate the waterworks, but I truly felt for him. But, in the next practice, Orlando stepped up to the plate. Way to go Orlando!!!!
The battle was lovely!!! I love this song! I really couldn’t say who would have stayed just by listening to their battles, however, Ray was my choice. Such soul, such passion, such…*insert appropriate sound which describes the word I can’t find here*. When Ray and Orlando sang the “I know I know I know” part, HELLO! Pores raised!!! Orlando brought that Magic. See what I did there?! Lol. "Waddup Sports Reference" (Thanks iiSuperwomanii! Follow her on twitter and instagram and watch her vids on the youtubes). He surprised me and I loved it and I see that the judges saw it too! Wow!
Needless to say, Ray was the winner, because, well, in spite of Orlando’s come up, Ray is still Ray! Congrats to Ray! But Adam stole Orlando! Which was a big thing for me!!! Orlando got the chance to remain in competition, take Usher’s advice and use new advice from Adam! Congrats to you Orlando, you definitely deserve it! To Usher I say; how many red sneaks do you own?!

There you have it folks! That’s our take on Battle Round 3!!! Hope you like it! We promise to try to have these on time next time!  Stay tuned for Giselle’s review on the FINAL BATTLE ROUND! *suspense music*

Much love to you!
Giz & Tonz

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