Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Red Shoes, Red Passion; Coach Usher

The Same Page is a blog; currently dedicated to reviewing Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. Written by friends for life Giselle Carrington and Tonia Holder, this blog puts together all their thoughts while watching episodes of The Voice. This Blog is a bit different from your average review blog between friends, mainly because Giselle is in Grenada and Tonia is in Trinidad! They converse over Whatsapp on Mondays and Tuesdays and DRAMATICALLY express their views on the happenings of the episodes. They now wish to share their comical analyses with the world at large!

Hi Guys, it’s Giselle! J

I know we usually only review the episodes of The Voice as they come, but I thought I should add an extra lil something for one of the coaches.

I've been Team Adam since Season 1. I love Adam! I don’t always agree with his choices, but I do love his style. That being said, what I’m about to say does not mean I’m any less Team Adam, it just means I've found a new appreciation and it’s so strong I thought this extra blurb was necessary.

I've been a fan of Usher for as long as I can remember. I even went to the concert he had in Trinidad in 2002, I think it was. So did Tonia. As it so happens, we did not know each other yet, but I digress.
I've always admired his dancing and his vocals, his abs and all that good stuff. *wiggles eyebrows* He’s definitely one of the artistes that I've spent time studying in terms of vocal ability etc. It’s never only been about a hit song for me, it’s been about me feeling the story that he’s telling when he sings and/or when he dances. I consider him a true talent.

When Shakira and Usher began on The Voice, I’ll admit both Tonz and I had our reservations, but we warmed up to them quickly. After the blind auditions though, when the guest coaches came in, that is when my new found respect for Usher came in to play.

Compared to what we've seen of the other coaches during the past 3 seasons, Usher’s approach has been more hands on. By that I mean he’s been actively involved, up in their grill, giving them exercises, asking them to grab his attention, making them work. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, as he single handily moulds each team member into a better artiste. He channels into the person, their sound, their song and brings about that…that…”thing” that would help them be as close to perfect as possible. He’s not always nice, but he gets them to work toward their goals. What I like the most is that he doesn't just say, for example, “You need to project.” He says: “You need to project. Now, I’m going to the other side of the room, draw me to you.” I love that about him. I also love his red shoes! This approach is awesome and it shows me why Justin Beiber is such a strong, talented artiste. Bet your bottom his mentoring was not easy!

Now, I don’t want people to get it wrong, I think the way the other coaches do their coaching is great. I love when Adam sings along with his team members, or changes things last minute because it’s not working. I like how Blake listens intently for the technical parts. I’m a fan of each coach, I just think that Usher’s tactics are…wow. That’s the only word I could find. I would honestly love to have just an hour with him, to work with him the way he works with the team.

To Usher; You definitely have the best coaching technique I've seen. I love your passion and all that you put into your team members for them to be better! I guess we now have an idea of the work you put in to make yourself better from year to year. Your work is not going unnoticed, at least not by Tonia and Giselle. Keep up the great work, we love ya! I’m still for Team Adam, but Team Usher has by far one of best mentoring styles ever! 

Till Next Time

Giz and Tonz

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