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The Voice: Top 12 Results

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The Voice: Top 12 Eliminations

Giz: This elimination episode was probably the first time I was actually nervous for The Voice Season 4. Firstly, I didn’t watch the live playoff eliminations (I was at the movies J), but I knew one person from each team had to go. But this time, it could have been ANYONE! There was no saving! The people going home could have been amazing, but not have the texting support necessary. I was seriously nervous. So was Tonz! I bite her nails over Whatsapp, mainly because I just had mine done. J. My prediction was, based on the top 12 performances, Kris Thomas and Garrett Gardener would be leaving.

Tonz: I was sooooo nervous, oh my goodness. My heart was racing each and every time Carson was about to announce, i mean i knew who i wanted to stay for sure and just as Giselle my bottom 2 predictions were Kris, because his last performance was not his best at all and Garrett, basically because there was no one else and also his last performance was a bust for me as well.

Giselle (with Tonia’s input)

NBC tried to take our minds off of the pending results, by bringing on Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I to perform Blurred Lines with Kris Thomas and Vedo. Man oh man, did that distracted us! Let’s take a moment to think about all the kinds of fine that were present on that stage. *complete silence* Excuse me a minute while I shift uncomfortably in my seat.

Tonz: AHHHHHHHH Robin Thicke, Pharrell, T.I.!!!

The distraction did not last long, because in no time at all, Carson was ready to name the first two saves: Kris Thomas and The Swon Brothers. Imagine MY SURPRISE! I was sure that Kris would have been one of the bottom 2. The Swon Bros. I knew would be saved because their rendition of Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes was wonderful. Kris’ rendition wasn’t his best, but he got the votes. Alright Alright…this means someone else is going to be sent home. My new predictions were either Josiah or Vedo and Garrett.

Tonz: Now I knew The Swon Brothers were staying I just didn’t expect them to be one of the first called, but nonetheless I was really pleased that America backed them. I was SO SURPRISED when Carson called Kris’ name, I was like WHAT??! So who is going home now??

Team Blake then took the stage to sing Play Something Country! I LOVED IT! Awooooohoooo! J Couldn’t ask for anything more country or better than that!

Tonz: ok seriously I know you guys are country and proud, but no need to throw that in our faces EACH episode. By the end of the performance and into the break I caught myself singing Awooooohooo play something country *hangs head*.

The next two saves were: Sarah Simmons and Josiah Hawley. We all knew Sarah was going to be saved, no news there. I was really glad for Josiah, because I love his sound. This meant that the only other logical send home would be Vedo.

Tonz: Totally agree with Giselle here, I knew Sarah was safe and I expected America to save Josiah because of his growth and his sexiness.

Lady Antebellum performed Goodbye Town with Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons and Amber Carrington. I loved it. I loved them! The performance was really nice, there’s nothing else I can say.

Tonz: two words alone: Adam’s Angels.

The next saves were: Judith Hill and Danielle Bradbery. Again, there’s no surprise for either Judith or Danielle. It’s still nerve – racking though. We were literally hiding our faces while waiting, at least I was. I’m such a punk.

Tonz: Oh yea, these two were hands down saves. Just thought they’d have been the first two called.

Team Adam came on next to perform Lovesong! Hey now! This was AMAZING! They each sounded so wonderful. My goodness, I don’t think they could have done any better than that. I’m a huge Adam fan anyway, so whatever he sings brings joy to my heart. That aside, this performance was so, simple yet so effective. Loved it!

Tonz: Adam and his Angels J loved it.

The next two to be saved were: Michelle Chamuel and Amber Carrington. No surprise to them both. They both have been getting better and better every week. I was happy to hear their names get called.

Tonz: Great artists and America would have been fools to let them go. Thanks for not being fools America J.

Nervously we were on to the final four; who would be the last two saves? Okay, so by the process of logistics and elimination, we came to the conclusion that it would be Vedo and Garrett, but, history has shown that America surprises you. The last two saves were: Holly Tucker and Sasha Allen, leaving, as we suspected, Vedo and Garrett to be sent home. Thankfully Holly and Sasha were saved. There was no surprise at Sasha though.

I hated to see Vedo go. I really grew to like him. Unfortunately at this level, it’s no longer about whom we like. It’s crunch time! The better voices have to take precedence. Both Vedo and Garrett made significant improvements since their auditions and I know that whatever they learned from their amazing coaches, will carry them on to do great things! J

I cannot wait to hear the top 10 perform next week. This is the time we hear the best of the best. I’m literally at the edge of my seat! Next week, please come quickly!!!

Tonz: I hated that for the sake of ratings (at least this is my opinion) that the show chose to keep us in this kind of nervous suspense and had us thinking that Holly or Sasha could have gone home. I mean I wasn’t expecting it but I didn’t appreciate the suspense. So in the end Vedo and Garrett had to go, but they had a good run, they showed what they are capable of and maybe a record  label would pick them up and they continue to make music J.
Just as Giselle, I am looking forward to the performances to come because with the artists that remain you can be sure that we are in for a treat.

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Till Next Time

Giz & Tonz

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