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The Voice: Results of Live Playoffs 1 & 2

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Last night was the night where some dreams came true and others fizzled out, at least at this stage. It was results time. Who did America save and who did the coaches choose to save? I made my predictions in the last post and we’ll get to see how good of a psychic I really am. The night started off with a performance from Team Blake and Team Shakira combined singing “insert song name” and I didn’t particularly love this combination because it sounded jumbled at times. I was kind of saying ‘what are they singing?’ at some points and I wasn’t hearing some of them during their individual parts. But I mean I didn’t hate it, I just wasn’t in love with it.
Now for some results! First up Team Blake (said in Carson Daly’s voice lol):
My predictions were: America saves – Holly Tucker & Danielle Bradbery, Blake saves – The Swon Brothers
The actual results were: America saved – Holly Tucker & Danielle Bradbery, Blake saved – The Swon Brothers
Whooo Hoooo! I got all right! A round for me!!
Rod Stewart performed with Garrett, Josiah & Karina – Forever Young. It was a good performance, they rocked it.
Cee-Lo performed with last episodes finalist Juliet Simms – Only You – It was great seeing Cee-Lo again with his big teddy bear self, looking rather normal and kinda classy and so not the fun loving Cee-Lo that I know and appreciate lol.

More results, this time Team Shakira
My predictions were: America saves – Sasha Allen & Karina Iglesias, Shakira saves – Kris Thomas. Although I did think she would save Garrett because she loved him from last season when he wasn’t even picked and she wasn’t even a coach.
The actual results were: America saved – Sasha Allen & Kris Thomas, Shakira saved – Garrett Gardner
I got one right lol technically two because I did believe that Sharika would have saved Garrett even though I chose Kris.

OMG Teams Adam & Usher performed ‘Don’t you worry child’ and totally killed it! They harmonized perfectly! I Love, love, loved it! Omg, Adam’s Angels were on point both collectively and individually. Team Usher sounded great, it was a great performance all around. Omg, I loved it. There is nothing bad that I can say about that collective performance. Punto Finale.

Team Usher:
My predictions were: America saves – Michelle Chamuelle & Vedo, Usher saves – Josiah
The actual results were: America saved – Michelle Chamuelle & Vedo, Usher saved – Josiah
Whoot whoot! Another round for me, I chose them all! Boy, am I good!!!

Team Adam a.k.a. Adam’s Angels:
My predictions were: America saves – Judith Hill & Sarah Simms, Adam saves – Amber Carrington
The actual results were: America saved – Judith Hill & Amber Carrington, Adam saved – Sarah Simms
Well look at that, I chose them all but in a different order, except for Judith of course cause we all knew she was making it, but I was SO SURE America was gonna save Sarah, that was a shocker, I could see why they would save amber because she rocked all her performances. Doesn’t matter to me how they were saved as long as they were all saved lol. YES I AM BIASED! So sad to see Caroline go though *tear*
Well there you have it, the results are in, the votes have been tallied, America has chosen, the coaches have saved, the finalists have been announced. And so we move on, to another round of the live shows. Things are getting intense, and I cannot wait until next Monday! Can you?

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