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The Voice: Live Shows Part 2

The Same Page is a blog; currently dedicated to reviewing Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. Written by friends for life Giselle Carrington and Tonia Holder, this blog puts together all their thoughts while watching episodes of The Voice. This Blog is a bit different from your average review blog between friends, mainly because Giselle is in Grenada and Tonia is in Trinidad! They converse over Whatsapp on Mondays and Tuesdays and DRAMATICALLY express their views on the happenings of the episodes. They now wish to share their comical analyses with the world at large!

Tonz: I came into tonight’s episode pumped off of last night’s own. I was expecting the same experience and I guess that was wrong of me since I mean they are different teams and different coaches and coaching styles (I mean not everybody can be Usher). Anyways this is where s**t gets real so all breakout performances need to come out! I mean Teams Adam and Usher set the bar really high so I was expecting the same level of performances; I was expecting to be glued to my tv set not wanting to miss anything at all. Sadly this episode did not do such, but it was good none the less. Blake took a page out of Usher’s book as well, by taking his team on a team building exercise of them doing karaoke together, to get them to loosen up and be goofy and have fun with everything. I will be reviewing the first half of tonight’s show, and I have my favorites. Let’s do this.

Giz: Before she “does this”, I’d just like to say that Team Shakira and Team Blake have HUGE shoes to fill because, Teams Adam and Usher came out guns BLAZING yo! Wow. Anywho…back to your regularly scheduled Tonia! J


Team Blake Performance – Boondocks
Listen to me this is their anthem ok. It’s them basically saying ‘I am country and I am proud!’ and I love that about the performance. Blake looked like he wanted to jump up on the stage with them, grab a mic and just belt out a verse with them. It speaks of them exactly and they sang it so proudly. Collectively they harmonized really well, individually they played their strengths and so there overall performance was really good. They sounded like a family country band and their interaction was just that. Holly did her grit, Danielle held on to her calm strong vocals, the Swon brothers did their duo thing and Ryan (is that his name?) he sounded strong as well. Blake did say that he wanted to have a country singer win the voice and he has made that possible now more than ever because he has a completely country team. Good performance Team Blake, you guys were country strong.

Giz: His name is Justin pal! *slaps forehead*

Team Shakira – Garrett Gardner - Imagine
Ok so I was never really a fan of Garrett, I was just glad he found a spot on a team since he was a comeback kid. He has impressed me though with his vocals and his grittiness. In this performance hips (a.k.a. Shakira) chose to showcase his softer side a bit, which was a good thing because we haven’t really seen this from him. He’s always been rough and rock and roll and all grit. His performance had him showcasing not only his vocals but his ability to play the piano and still perform kind of Elton John-esque, side note: I wonder if that’s what Shakira was trying to convey? His vocals were pretty good, they suited the choice of song and he hit his notes both high and low. He of course still kept his grittiness, I mean it is what got him thus far so why throw away a good thing. He brought it in at all the right times and transitioned from low to high, soft to rock effortlessly. Maybe he’s found his niche. Overall a good performance, I actually enjoyed it. Giz liked that he sounded gentle.

Omg gosh, I know you are a country artist but oh gosh, do you have to sing only country songs? But then again if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it right. She started of a tab bit shaky but not totally off, plus she caught back herself really quickly. Now she put her own twist on this Leeann Rimes song, and as much as I appreciate this, I do really prefer the original version, so I think that’s why I actually heard all of the minor, minor flat notes and off key notes in the performance. I like Holly you know and I was expecting her to just come out on stage and command my attention and have me rooted to her performance. I was actually looking for a repeat of ‘Blown Away’ and in most aspects I got it, especially with the exceptional high note that had  me saying ‘yes now that’s the Holly I was waiting for’ but she didn’t give me goose bumps, she didn’t raise my pores and I was waiting for her to raise my pores. Not taking away from her voice at all, because she has a beautiful, strong voice, totally and fully country so I could definitely see why Blake chose to give her this song to perform, it showcased her ability and her vocals nicely. Giz was feeling this performance, we were on the same page of it not being pore rising but definitely a great performance. Well done Holly, America will definitely be voting for you.

I always liked Kris, his voice is unique, unique in the sense that, dude sounds like a girl lol. No but really he has great control and can hit some notes that are mind boggling. The song choice was nice, it complimented his voice nicely. He kept to the original which I appreciate, but he also put his Kris-ness on it. He also had minor note fluctuations that were a bit off key but like I said minor details. He hit his notes very well, reminded me of Bruno himself, and I like the change of notes on the high note of ‘know’. Kris has a powerful voice and I think that maybe a stronger my powerful song would have showcased it better, given him more momentum and ability to blow away the coaches and America. Giz thinks that Shakira didn’t nurture him enough, she felt like there was a lot more hips could have done with Kris, but she lapsed on it. She also felt that she could have brought out a different side of him for everyone to see as he always sings ballads. I think it was a good performance, not his best but it wasn’t his worse either so that’s good, the audience appreciated it. Good luck Kris, hope you get to stick around.

I like this duo, and I am glad they made it this far. I should have expected that they’d do a country song, I mean, Blake is their coach and he is pushing an ‘ALL COUNTRY’ theme so I suspect all his artists will be singing country songs. I found myself really enjoying this performance, I was swaying and clapping and dancing a little bit. It was catchy *sings – you and me go fishing in the dark* I really liked the harmonica anyways back to their voices, they sounded really good as always. As a duo they really do complement each other nicely and it works in their favor all the time.  They involved the audience which was a nice touch and they’re not too bad on the eyes either so I was into their performance. I really like it and I think the audience did as well and so did the coaches. I really think that they have a good shot at advances further. Giz enjoyed their performance as well, she was rocking out to it lol and even though at first she wasn’t all for them, I think she’s beginning to thaw out a bit.


 I’m not even going to try to give an intro, I’m going right into it!!!!

Blake and Shakira – Need you now – Lady Antebellum
This was horrid! Not to say that both Blake and Shakira aren’t majorly talent artistes, but I think this song chose wasn’t thought through properly. I really didn’t like it. Tonia didn’t either. I love both Blake and Shax (yea! We’re THAT familiar) but they did not rock in the way I thought they would. Oh well, we’re only human. One bad performance out of a million rockin’ ones is not going to kill us! Next time guys!

Team Shakira: Karina Iglesias – Let’s Stay Together
I love Karina’s style. She brings out herself in whatever she sings. She came out with this classic and there was this rockin’ vibe to it. I was impressed. Tonia liked it as well!!! I just loved that she was able to still own the song by putting the Karina spin on it. That is something I truly admire about her. So energetic and very very Karina. The judges like it, the audience liked it, I liked it and I think it was an all round good performance! Well done there Karina! Woohoo!!!

Team Blake: Justin Rivers – Meet in the Middle
Justin Justin Justin. He came out of nowhere and stole my little country heart! (I have no country roots whatsoever). When I heard him in the practice for the Live Playoff, I was like wow. I really like what Blake said about him having that break in his voice that not many other country artistes have. I really think he would sound good in other genres as well. Anywoozle, when Justin started singing, I was impressed. He sounded awesome. He was energetic and his vocals were on point. Tonia and I both agreed that it was an all round good performance, yet, it lacked that pore raising ability. That’s ok though, cause I like him a lot and I’m hoping he could warm the hearts of the American audience as well!!!
Team Shakira: We are the champions
Aww man, Shakira has a seriously diverse team. I love the song, We are the Champions and they thankfully didn’t spoil it for me. It was an all round good performance, with Sasha (to Tonia’s joy) being vocally strong and we could hear her through everyone else. She looked a bit out of her comfort zone to me though. Karina was Karina, owning everything. Garrett’s voice so suited this song it wasn’t funny. He just came with his grittiness and belted his parts. Kris, with his sweet melodic song looked like he was just enjoying himself. Tonia noticed that as well! It’s good to enjoy yourself!!! It was all round good, I preferred Boondocks though. I was country for the night! Nice one though guys, I do hope you continue fighting to the end!

Team Blake: Danielle Bradberry – Maybe it was Memphis
Danielle is everyone’s sweetheart on the show. She’s the youngest with a beautiful voice and sound. She came to practice Maybe it was Memphis and was making it look easy, as usual. Blake wanted her to open up more and show off her talent more; be less reserved and shy and show her True Grit (Movie Reference J ). She really listened because she came out and sold us that Maybe it was Memphis song. Her voice is so mature for her age. I love the natural vibrato that she has and it’s so melodic. It was a lovely performance. Tonz and I agreed. She really seems to have made a home on Blake’s team and Blake said she’s one of the most important artistes to ever be on The Voice. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with that, neither did Tonz. What we did agree on however, is that Rae-Lynn from season 2 Team Blake would not be very pleased with that statement. It made us laugh. We can actually see them as a big happy family; Blake and Miranda with Rae-Lynn and Danielle as the kids. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! Lol! Great job Danielle!

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen – Oh Darling
The Great and Powerful Sasha came to practice Oh Darling. Sasha is a top contender! She doesn’t give me goose bumps like she gives Tonia, but I do know that her talent is real and amazing. I always look forward to hearing her, I just don’t always get moved by her performances. I think it’s cause she always goes to the powerhouse so it’s not surprising or wowing. I’m expecting it. But when she does it, I’m amazed at how easy she does it!!! Shakira’s only advice was for her to be sexier and swaggerific for this song. And boy oh boy was she sexy!!! By her look ALONE! But she came out and belted out that Oh Darling and those high harsh notes like it was nobody’s business. She really gives 100% every time, going for gold and pushes right through. I love that, but also think it’s a downfall, whereby, it’s not impressive anymore ‘cause it’s always done. Tonia and I are in Different Books on that. She loves Sasha with more passion than I do and continually harasses Adam for letting her go. All in all, Sasha is definitely one to watch. It was a great performance to end off the episode with. I have no doubt that America will vote for her! WONDERFUL!

Giz: There you have it folks, the final of this week’s Live Playoffs. A wowing event. I cannot wait to see who America chooses and who the judges save. I am not pleased that I cannot vote, but, what am I gonna do about it?! My picks for the results are: Team Adam; America will save Sarah and Judith and Adam will save Amber. Team Usher; America will save Michelle and Josiah and Usher will save Vedo. Team Shakira; America will save Karina and Sasha and Shakira will save Garrett. Team Blake; wow ummmmm… America will save Daniella and the Swon Brothers and Blake will save Holly! I think I should be about right!
Tonz: Now that the live shows are over I have my predictions of who America will vote to keep from each team, so here goes. Team Adam: America will choose Judith & Sarah and Adam will choose to keep Amber. Team Usher: America will choose Michelle & Josiah and Usher will choose Vedo. Team Blake: America will choose Holly & Danielle and Blake will choose the Swon Brothers. Team Shakira: America will choose Sasha & Karina and Shakira will choose Kris. Lets see how good I am J .

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Until Next Time
Giz & Tonz!

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