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The Voice: Top 8 Performances and Results

The Same Page is a blog; currently dedicated to reviewing Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. Written by friends for life Giselle Carrington and Tonia Holder, this blog puts together all their thoughts while watching episodes of The Voice. This Blog is a bit different from your average review blog between friends, mainly because Giselle is in Grenada and Tonia is in Trinidad! They converse over Whatsapp on Mondays and Tuesdays and DRAMATICALLY express their views on the happenings of the episodes. They now wish to share their comical analyses with the world at large!

The Top 8 Performances:

*Please click on the performances headings to view videos of the performances*


Blake opened the show with Boys Round Here, just as Adam did last week (just in case you missed Maroon 5’s performance of ‘Love Somebody’ click here) and I know I say it all the time, and that is because they do it ALL THE TIME. Yes Blake I know, we all know by now that you are country and proud, so why would I ever expect you to perform something other than a country song, I mean you are after all a country artiste. Now don’t get me wrong people, I do enjoy a good country song every once in a while, but oh gosh man not EVERYWEEK. That being said I did enjoy the performance, the song itself was humorous and I do like Blake. I will be reviewing the first 4 performances so here we go.

Now you guys know I just LOVE me some Judy and so does everyone else, the coaches, the fans and America loves Judy. I was so glad to see her perform this song, not because I absolutely love it (the song that is), but because I love how she had so much fun with it! Compared to last week, we definitely see a big change in this performance, she was soo into it, and so was Adam (love you Adam). You could tell she was having a blast on stage and the coaches saw it, because all they had were praises. Adam was so proud of her and I loved hearing him say that she performed like a true professional. One thing, it’s minor but still I should mention it to be fair, I guess. As Giselle rightly said some time ago, Judy brings us to the edge of our seats with her performances, with her voice, with her theatrics and when we think she’s going to hit the most magnificent high note ever, she pulls back slightly and it kind of deflates me for a minute, but just a minute because she just pulls you right back into her performance so much so you hardly notice that she didn’t hit the high note as high as you’d have liked.

Team Blake: Holly Tucker - Done
I love Holly’s voice, I really do because let’s face it I am a sucker for power houses and Holly is a true power house, country, but still a power house and I love listening to her. I like that Blake gave her this song to sing because it showcased her range and her grittiness and her power. She got into the song as well, she was interacting with the audience and I felt like she was talking to an old boyfriend, telling him that she is through with him. She sang with such conviction. I will say though, that even though she has the voice and she had the stage presence this time around, I looked at her face and it was eerily calm. She was singing about being done with a man that had done her wrong and she still managed to look calm. Who does that? Ummm Pyschos maybe. But I love how she sounded, as usual and I enjoyed the performance. Giselle thought that Holly was great, she felt though that some of her lyrics were getting a bit lost, but she loved it.

These girls performed this to the best of their abilities. I liked it, I loved Judy’s part of course lol, and while I loved Sasha’s parts as well, I do think that she was a bit over powering in the chorus, I kept hearing her above everyone. I guess that comes from being trained on Broadway as those performers have to project their voices so everyone can hear them, so I could excuse her.  Giz didn’t particularly care for this performance.

I have really grown to love these boys. Giselle loves the younger one but I have affection towards the older one, he sings the most and he’s just so chubby and cute. I love to hear them sing acoustic because they blend together so well. Blake was right though that because they depend on each other so much to match their harmonies, if one of them goes off by a little bit, it could throw them off completely. This performance reminded me a lot of ‘Fishing in the Dark’ and i enjoyed it a lot, Adam was correct in saying that there were minor things that could have been different, but it didn’t over shadow their performance at all. Giz agreed that their vocals were on point and she has also grown to love her some Swon Brothers.
Giz: Zach looks like Wreck It Ralph! Epiphany!!!

Omg now you guys know that I have been an advocate for Sasha from the very beginning, from her audition, to her getting rejected by Adam, to her being picked up by Shakira and working it. I am so glad that she has made it this far, she is the only member of Team Shakira remaining and she deserves it. When she started to sing I was like yes, vocals on point and everything, she sounded great, in the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘I know this song, who sang it again’ and it only clicked to me at the end that it was Usher’s song lol. Giselle really laughed at me there. But her vocals were strong, this is an R&B powerhouse, she showed her strength and although there were parts that I’d have liked her to hold longer, she made the song her own and she had the crowd involved and loving it. Adam again kicked himself for having let her go, but I’m actually beginning to ease him up on that, because she has truly grown with the help of Shakira and she also  has the same vibrato as Shakira so, she ultimately was the best coach for her.

Let’s get straight into the last four (4) performances for the night. No time for dillydaddling, ain’t nobody got time for that! Lehgo!

Sarah’s is a talent beyond compare, but to be perfectly honest, she’s hasn’t been thrilling me lately. Her performance of Jessie J song last week was AWESOME, totally bringing me back to the  blind auditions where I first fell in love with her.
This week, Adam chose Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know and immediately I was sceptical. It’s an epic song, but I didn’t think the song choice was for her. Adam told her to not be to gentle with it, but to harsh it up a bit. Both Tonz and I agreed with that.
On stage, she came out and did her rendition. It was filled with all the thrills that Sarah usually does. The only thing about it for me was, it did not suit the song one bit. Her dynamics were good and all, as Blake mentioned how she moves from melody into the falsetto and back with ease, however that was misplaced in this performance. All in all, I thought the performance was not up to par for this level of competition, taking into consideration her last EPIC performance. I wish her all the best though.

I was excited when Usher put on his Michelle glasses. He has so much passion for his one remaining contestant. Such love…awww. I was a bit worried when I heard her chose Bruno Mars’ Grenade for her to sing though, because it is not an easy song to perform. Bruno is a very unique performer, so it is very difficult to capture the song it’s true essence yet still make it your own. If anybody could make it happen though, it would be Michelle.
On stage she came out in her usual way. Initially the phrasing and breathing in the verse seemed slightly off but, again, this song can do that to you. She attacked it head on, Michelle style (squats and all). She even had backup singers joining her onstage. Wow! That was different! Adam said that in his review and Tonz and I totally agreed! Same Page! I wasn't enjoying it much though, until she did that crescendo with that note and totally owned the remainder of the performance. Too bad there was only a small portion left in the song. Overall I thought it was a great attempt at a difficult song. Plus, I love Michelle! It definitely was not her best in my opinion, but I’m sure America has enough faith in her to vote her on to the next round.

Danielle is the little princess of this season. She has such a mature sound. Blake had her sing one of his favourites; Grandpa. In the practice, Blake appealed to her to do her research on the song in order to perform it in the best way she can, because the she has an amazing voice, lack of knowledge of the song could have been her downfall.
She came out and did her thing on stage the way she usually does. Tonz said she thinks she needs more crowd interaction, which I agreed with. She usually just comes on, performs the hell out of the song vocally with little to no interaction with the audience. I sum it up as not having performed before the show. Tonz thought that after weeks of being on the show, she should have picked up a few tricks by now. Valid point! But, as usual, they loved her! One point though, that Tonia and I agreed on is that sometimes, Dani (yes, cause we’re familiar like that) seems to go flat a lot in some of her songs. Though her voice is strong and her vibrato is amazing, her notes are sometimes flat. I thought I was unconsciously hating on her, but Tonz hears it too! SAME PAGE! I didn’t happen to hear it in this performance, but I did before so I thought I’d bring it up. Overall her performance was good, as usual.

Amber has been steadily improving throughout this entire competition. Last name aside she has be impressed ALL the time. When Adam chose Adele’s Skyfall for her though, I was very apprehensive. As we all know, Adele is probably one of the best vocalists of our generation. It’s hard to cover an Adele song and do it justice, mainly because her songs are very personal and she puts everything into it, added to that, she’s freakin’ awesome. I was very worried, but Tonz said she could handle it. Adam told her that Skyfall is not a personal Adele song, so she didn’t have to be Adele, just own it. HE chose the song to be risky and push her to her limits.
When she started, I thought it was a bit shaky, but I assumed it was just nerves. As the song built up, she pushed through it, owning it and never once tried to channel Adele. She was Amber all the way through and THAT ladies and gents is how you UnAdele an Adele song. It was awesome, definitely my favourite for the night. Great Job!

Giz: At the end of the night, I was a bit torn. I wasn’t sure who would be the one to go home. I knew for sure though, that Sarah Simmons would be one of them. My second choice, though I was very uncertain, was Danielle. Sarah and Danielle; my elimination choices.
Tonz: How in the world after watching these performances are we supposed to send people home? I just don’t know, but great performers are what we have right now, so some great ones have to go I guess. Although I love them I think it’ll end up being, The Swon Brothers and Michelle Chamuel.

Live Elimination written by Tonia
So after last night’s performances we are again at the bitter sweet night that defines the rest of the competition. Who is going to go home? Who will America save? This is so nerve wrecking! I’m practically pulling out my ras. My choices for elimination were The Swon Brothers and Michelle Chamuel and Giselle’s choices were Danielle Bradbery and Sarah Simmonss.

We started off with a performance from Sheryl Crow and Team Blake followed by a duet from Judith Hill & Michelle Chaumel. Then Carson announced that the first saved artist saved by America was none other than Michelle Chamuel. I was like what?! So who’s going home then?

Giz: I knew it wouldn't be Michelle. Tonz & I were actually on different pages about Michelle and Sarah. I had more faith in Michelle and clearly rightly so.

Then there was a duet from Sasha Allen & The Swon Brothers, followed by another saved artist announced and it was Danielle Bradbery. So Giselle and I were one off, we were off, America saved two of the artists that we chose to send home.

Another duet performance by Danielle Bradbery & Sarah Simmons, then more anxiety as we wait to hear who else has been saved…Sasha Allen.

So basically the other saved artists were, The Swon Brothers (so my choices were obviously off), Amber Carrington, and Holly Tucker.
SO Judy went home, America sent home Judy! What the HELL!

Giz: They also sent home Sarah, like I knew they would. But seriously THIS is the reason I hate when the audience gets involved. It becomes a popularity contest. The fact remains, the reason The Voice has been different from all the other shows so far is because it focuses on The Voice of the artistes, hence the Blind Auditions. I’m probably being a sore-ass loser as Judith was my pick and maybe it’s fair to the others who haven’t had the glorious experiences that Judith has had in her time, but realistically, if the coaches alone were picking people to eliminate in the same manner in which they choose people for their teams, there’s no way Michelle’s performance or Danielle’s performances could have outdone Judith’s performance vocally. The audience votes dilutes the essence of the competition.

I am done with watching the voice this season, because someone of Blake’s people will win and I am sorry but Amber you are great and all but I can’t see you beating Sasha.

Giz: I on the other hand, am on Usher’s team. #4eyesontherprize. Can’t say I’ll actively sit to watch anymore though, I’ll just catch the results on a next day.

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