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The Voice: Live Top 12 Performances

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The Voice – Live Top 12 Performances

Tonz: So we’re into the top 12’s live performances and boy oh boy, these are the best of the season. These artists have really done the work necessary to make it thus far and they’ll have to give even more to stay. It’s no longer the coaches’ decision who stays or who is saved, there are no second chances. It’s now or never, they’ve really got to sing out their hearts and leave it all on the stage, give America everything they’ve got so that America will continue to vote for them and keep them here. I have my favorites as I am sure you can discern from my reviews and I want to see them stick around so I hope they know what they have to do. That being said I will be reviewing the last six performances of the night.
Giz: Tonz just said everything I have to say as an introduction, so…I’ll be reviewing the first six performancesJ. Yay!

*Please click on the performance headers to view video clips of each Live Show performance*


It’s no secret that Vedo is my soft spot. I mean he’s worked so hard through all the turmoil and whatsoever. He’s improved greatly and I truly believe that Usher was the right choice for him. Anyway, not to digress since we have 12 performances to review, I’ll get straight to it. Vedo’s song was Rock With You. Hmmmm…MJ. At practice, Vedo danced the hell out of the song while singing. I like that Usher let him sing it all before he and his choreographer told him that his dance style wasn’t too appropriate. Dance battling during a groovy love song. Lol…it was funny when Usher did it. Anywho, they gave him some pointers and continued.
For the rendition on stage, Vedo came out in glory, like a true celebrity. He was really good. His movement was fluid, he sounded great and he just had a good ole time. Tonz said, and I agreed, that he sounded a bit breathy. Same Page there Tonz.I figure it’s cause he was moving so much, he really was. As Blake said though, it wasn’t too much movement so that it took away from his vocal performance. I really like when Adam said Vedo always gives so much heart. It’s so true, he really does. Good Job Vedz! (Yes, we’re THAT familiar now lol). I know America will vote for ya!

I love Holly. She’s so calm, so nice. I just want to be her friend. I hope that’s not creepy. I just enjoy her voice. She’s been one of those I loved since her battle round singing Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away. Blake’s been a great coach for her thus far. Not because she’s a country artiste, but because she’s been getting better as the weeks go by. She’s just wonderful. Holly rocked her practice and came out to the live shows with the intention to wow everyone. She rang out those notes like it was nobody’s business. It was really the best I’ve heard her, since Blown Away. I told Tonz that to me and me alone, I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone else; Holly is a bit more likeable that Sarah. I group them together ‘cause their voices remind me of each other. Sarah’s quality is on a higher scale though, ‘cause she does unimaginable things. Holly’s, like I’ve mentioned before is a more Hillsong Gospel voice. I think she’s more likeable because she’s just so sweet, which when you think about it can be a bit scary. Adam pointed out that even after her intense performance, she just took a breath and smiled sweetly. Sarah on the other hand has a darker feel when she sings, which is awesome, but not as sweet as Holly’s demeanor. That’s why I said that. I love them both. I really loved Holly’s performance and I loved even more that the coaches loved it. I know she will be voted for!!!! Yay Holz!

Let me start off by informing everyone that I am the ultimate BSB and NSYNC fan! I love them to this day! I listen to them at work in the office, on buses to and from work, when partially singing karaoke, EVERYWHERE! I get excited when I hear them on the radio at the supermarket. It’s serious!!! *grumpy cat face* I’ve said all that just to emphasize that when I heard Garrett was going to sing I want it that way, I was very very very skeptical. So was Tonz. We share a love of the boy bands! Same Page. We do not, however, share a love for Justin Beiber! LOL! Different Book! Anyway, I gave Garrett a chance because he’s been proving himself to me for some weeks now. I like his voice. Maybe I didn’t like that he advanced initially, but he’s definitely been showing me why. During his rendition on the big stage, it was not impressed. The arrangement was sped up; No Bueno. It didn’t work for me. He literally had to run through the words. Tonz also said it was sped up (Same Page) and she went on to rant a little about why the song was slow in the first place. I love when she gets passionate. The end story is, I didn’t like it. Shakira did though. Adam didn’t think it was fitting and I totally agreed! He’s on our page! I like Garrett though and I hope he gets the votes he needs. Based on this performance alone, I’m not too sure if he will, but he’s been working very hard. Good Luck Garrett!!!

 Sarah’s voice is amazing. We say this every week. I really can’t say it any more. She was given The Story to sing. Personally, I don’t think she sings songs. I think she masters them, embodies them and blows them up into people’s faces. Was that too much? Nope, it wasn’t ‘cause that is EXACTLY what she does. In rehearsals, she went through the performance with Adam, taking his instruction to heart. She came out as only Sarah can and destroyed the song. She was wonderful and everyone loved it. There’s really not much more we can say, we’ve said it every week. Therein lays my issue. I love Sarah, but I think she’s made little progress, compared to some others. She came with that wonderful voice, that shocking falsetto and that grit. I don’t think that she’s every really come out of her comfort zone and did something outside of her own little Sarah box. Tonz agreed that she’s sounded the same epic way every week but also thinks it’s because it’s her niche and compared her to the country artistes of Blake’s team who’ve done nothing but country music for weeks on end. A point well made! But I long to hear Sarah with something different, just to show her versatility. It’s no secret though that what she’s been doing thus far is amazing. I’m so looking forward to seeing her pass these rounds and go into the next. I just hope she can give me something different so I can drop the mic the way I always do and say “I’m Done! Sarah takes it”. Nothing but love for Sarah though, I hope you don’t get me wrong. You definitely have my vote! J

The Swon Brothers are winning my lil country heart over every week. I was not too much of a fan after they beat the Wiggle Guy at the Battle Rounds, but now, it’s like they want me to love them, which I now do. Side note: Hey Colton, you’re such a cutie!!! Wanna sing a duet? *wink*. I was going to make a Fishing in the Dark reference from last week’s performance but I think that would be inappropriate. Moving along, the Swon Bros. wanted to do Who’s gonna fill their shoes a tribute to George Jones. At rehearsals, Blake made sure they were tight on the technical bits, and worked with them to do justice to this country classic. At the live shows, they we’re amazing. I mean, I do not know this song, but I love it. It was so nice to see them in this more serious light. I loved that Zack was at the piano this time and I really loved that Colton sang a bit on his own. They transformed from the guitar bearing country bros to musical artistes last night. The tribute was wonderful. George Jones fans must definitely be proud. I just loved it and so did Tonz. She’s loved them since Fishing in the Dark. She’s a piece of work! Smh! The coaches loved it, the audience loved it and I know for sure that they will be voted for! Great Job Boys!

You won’t find many powerhouse artistes like Sasha Allen. When you do though, you keep them…ADAM! That’s what most people would say. Not I, said Giselle Carrington. I like Sasha, I love her voice, but she doesn’t move me like she moves Tonia. She was given Alone because Shakira thought it was perfect for her voice. That was undoubtedly true. At rehearsals she was amazing. Shakira reminded her not to go too Broadway on her entry since there is a difference between Broadway performances and pop entertainment performances. Great advice!!! It was advice which Sasha definitely listen to because she came on stage at the live show and totally owed the song. Her belts, as usual were on point, amazing and wowing. The entire performance was emotional and definitely top class. Beautiful! The coaches once again loved it, poking fun at the fact that Adam let her go and we loved it. Tonia was probably in tears, with good reason. I wasn’t though. See, Sasha doesn’t move me as she does the others. It’s not because she doesn’t have a lovely voice. It’s amazing. She comes out every week and belts the best belts ever. I think that’s my issue. It’s expected that she’ll knock your socks off. It’s not really surprising to me anymore and for that reason I think I’m getting bored.  There’s no mystery to it. I can’t honestly ask, “OMG what is she going to do this week?” I usually just ask “What’s she going to sing this week?” ‘cause I know she gonna come really good. Ever see Glee? Where Mr. Schu always had Mercedes sing the final high note and Ms Pillsbury told him she knew he was going to do that, because he always does?! That’s how I feel. I do not fault Adam for giving her up. I think in the battle between her and Amber, Amber was the better one. Not necessarily the better voice when it comes down to it, but she excelled in that battle. I think it’s a good thing that he let her go, because she’s learned from what he told her and has gone on to a coach that’s been amazing for her. Things happen for a reason, this worked out real well for her. Adam did what he had to do at that time. *shrug*.  Without a doubt though, Sasha is one of the top contenders for this show and I know she will get the votes needed. She’s amazing and I look forward to what she’s going to sing next. Good job as always Sasha.


Now this boy is just so cute eh oh my goodness, but I mean the name of the show is not ‘The Cute Boy’ it’s ‘The Voice’ and in both mine and Giselle’s opinions this fella has improved tremendously. His progression from his blind audition to his performance last night is completely evident and that is due solely to the awesome coaching skills of Usher. His mentorship in helping Josiah improve not only his vocal skills but his overall performances is a great thing to witness. And we can all see that he (Usher) is very impressed and excited about this fact as well, you can hear it in the way he speaks about Josiah after his performance. Now Josiah started off nice and strong, the song choice of The Script’s – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved suited his voice perfectly and like the coaches rightly said, I believe he has found his niche, the place where his voice is at its best. This has hands down been the best performance he has given on the show to date, his smooth transitions from high notes to falsettos were great, he maintained his grittiness and sex appeal with his Adam-esk attire and that model stare that he has perfected (whoo! *fans oneself*) and was able to get the crowd into his performance. I totally enjoyed it and I know the young girls of America did as well.

This young lady has a beautiful and powerful voice for her age. Just know that even if she doesn’t win, this is one girl that is definitely getting a record deal anyways, and she still has a lot of maturing to do so imagine how she’ll evolve and become a force to be reckoned with on the country music scene. However she has not improved to me as Josiah has, she has a great voice don’t get me wrong, but it’s always been the same ballad and high notes and almost power house performances that we’ve seen from her each episode. She also has not veered out of the realm of country music, so it makes me wonder can she be diverse. Giselle made the point that Blake’s all country team have sung non-country songs, but have always put a country twist on it and in my books that means they’ve never sung anything but country. And I mean, why try and fix something when it isn’t broken right, so I don’t mind that they are country strong, because that is their niche and it’s what Blake wanted. I do however have a grouse with Adam, although Danielle is has a great voice, she is not the one to beat, so no need to be telling your angels to watch out (I still love you Adam). I know that she is definitely going to make it to the finals, but I’d like to see her do something a little different.

I LOVE that I always get to review Judy J she is so soulful and such and all round great artiste. She was so cute as a child, who wouldn’t want to be that little half black, half Asian cutie’s friend, if I was her age at the time I would have definitely befriended her. Normally I dislike sad stories because this show is not about, how tough your life was, or who you lost or anything, it’s about your voice. I do appreciate that these background stories are the driving forces behind the voices becoming prominent and Judy’s story about not having any friends and music being her friend almost moved me to tears, I think it’s also because I am so biased when it comes to her, that she can do no wrong for me, sad story and all. Anyways on to her performance, there is nothing bad that I can say about it at all. It was perfect, she was her soulful self, and she carried her notes perfectly. She was able to bring forth her artistry and theatrics even while being behind a piano. I will say though Giz made a good point, we keep waiting for her to hit some ridiculously high perfect notes and we keep thinking she’s going to, but then she pulls back. I think it has to do with her vocal nods though, so I’m not stressing, I totally get that you play to your strengths. Judith’s performance was great, I cannot see America not voting for her and keeping her around. I tip my hat to you for another sound, good vibe and soulful performance Judy.

I really like her, because she seems like the weird girl in school, but even so she’s totally likeable. I love the bug eye glasses. I also see her growth, not as much as her team member Josiah, but I definitely see her growth, more so in her confidence. Usher is a totally awesome coach isn’t he, I think he, and not Blake deserves the title ‘Best Coach’. We’ve seen Michelle be diverse during this season, she’s never stuck to one genre and I like that. Her and Usher’s song choices always suite her voice nicely. The fact that she showed off her ability to do falsettos was nicely done, and she didn’t stray from her usual way of doing moving and doing swats while performing and still maintaining her strong and clear vocals. If I had to make a critique it would be that on her low notes, she broke up a tad bit, but I think that it added to the performance as it kind of sounded like it wasn’t a negative in her voice but rather emotion coming through. Her performance was really nicely done, I enjoyed it.

Kris has a unique voice, and I’ve said it before. He has the ability to hit notes that women normally make and that gave him an edge in the competition. He sang songs from Whitney Houston and nailed her notes, this Michael Jackson song however….not so much. Before he started to sing Giz and I agreed that this was a good song choice for him as it fell in his range and we assumed he’d have been able to execute it perfectly. However, I was sadly disappointed when he started singing and at points sounded flat and then at other points sounded like he was straining to make the notes to flat out not making the notes. There was a key note that he was to have made and if he did it would have erased the errors for me, but he failed there to. This to me was Kris’s worst performance, I don’t know what got into him, was it nerves Kris? Was it the song? Was it the heat? I don’t think he’d get a lot of votes from that performance and it’s kind of sad. This was the time for him to bring his capital ‘A’ game, and he didn’t.

Oh Amber, though it was a sob story, I felt for you. I definitely see why you would have chosen to sing this song and dedicate it to your mom *hug*.Giselle LOVES her, not only because of her last name, but because she has a great voice and I agree she has a great voice. She isn’t the best in the competition (yes I’m still holding a grudge against Adam for picking her over my girl Sasha, I’m sorry I can’t let that one go) but she has had great performances throughout the competition. She has never faltered in any major way and I totally love that about her. She has a power house voice as well, so you know I like her cause I’m all about the power houses. I love that there was so much emotion in her voice as she sang; you could definitely tell that she was thinking about her mom during that performance. She hit her high notes (I love when she belts it out), but was a bit inaudible on her low notes that aside I was captivated by her last night. Giz believes that she’s made the most progress after our boy Josiah, I don’t agree because to me she still sounds the same way, and that is not a bad thing because she sounds great. I really liked it, she is definitely going to reach the finals.

Tonz: there you have it, all 12 have performed, and boy did they perform! I believe the majority of them brought their game faces and performances and gave it all they had. I really don’t want to see my favorites go and I am hoping America is on my side. Can’t wait for the results!
Giz: Yup, they really did perform. Wow. I’m okay with losing people now because I generally like them all, I just hope my favorites stay. I have no idea who will be in the bottom 2.

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