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The Voice: Battle Round No. 4 FINAL BATTLE

The Same Page is a blog; currently dedicated to reviewing Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. Written by friends for life Giselle Carrington and Tonia Holder, this blog puts together all their thoughts while watching episodes of The Voice. This Blog is a bit different from your average review blog between friends, mainly because Giselle is in Grenada and Tonia is in Trinidad! They converse over Whatsapp on Mondays and Tuesdays and DRAMATICALLY express their views on the happenings of the episodes. They now wish to share their comical analyses with the world at large!

Today I, Giselle, will be reviewing the FINAL BATTLE ROUND and boy am I excited.

Point to note though; Those battles that we missed because we saw them only in montage; NO BUENO!!! We would love to see them all! But I guess, we can understand that on a Tuesday, there's only a one hour spot! Tonz isn't please either NBC. She is not pleased! LOL! #Lehgo!

*Please click the battle headers to view video clips of each battle*

Team Shakira: Brandon Roush vs Shawna P - Piece of my heart
Going into this battle, we saw Shawna at the auditions, older, experienced but with a power house of a voice! I'm not sure how I felt a few weeks ago at her auditions, but I do know I felt she would be serious competition. Brandon; I loved because of his soulful voice and his "carrot top" look. (Tonz brought that to my attention Tuesday night). Anywho, at the practice, the main advice given by Shakira and Joel was for Brandon to maintain his sound, his soul and for Shawna to keep up her style, but maybe control. I agreed with it. Tonz liked Shawna, but I stuck with Brandon.
During the Battle Rendition, they brought all they had. Shawna with her vintage sound, did her thing. Brandon stepped up his game, not loosing his Brandonness. In the end, Shakira chose Shawna as the winner, choosing her potential and obviously her powerful vocal chords to take with her team into the Knock Outs. Congrats to Shawna. To Brandon, I say keep doing you! You've got style, you've got great vocals and a lush head of head hair that tops it all off! lol. See what I did there?! Moving on....

Team Adam: Duncan Kamakana vs Sarah Simmons: Wanted it More
Sarah, oh Sarah...the grit and dirty within Sarah Simmons' voice is only compared to the sweet angelic nature of her voice. Two sounds, one person. WOW! I loved her One Of Us audition. She turned my chair fo sho! Duncan's audition was one in a montage, however, he's pretty cute. Hey Duncan from Giz and Tonz! *wink*
They were given Lady Antebellum's Wanted it More. So I guess this battle was less of a competition to sing the parts sung by one person, but more of one to compliment each other yet own their own part. Adam and Hillary so rightly told Duncan not to get lost in Sarah's shadow, to be bigger and to Sarah, they asked for control. Hillary even let them know that the song is emotional and let them in on the part of the song which often gets to her the most. be in front of a great singer like Hillary for advice, I could only wish.
During the Battle Rendition, they sang so sweetly together. Sarah, twirled her voice in so many different directions, from low to high it was just in awe of what she did on stage vocally. Duncan reminded me of Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. "Can you help me I'm bent..." But his voice, while sweet, did grab me and I think he was indeed lost in Sarah's shadow. In the end, Adam chose Sarah as his winner, something both Tonz and I agreed on. We also agreed that Duncan was super cute. Congrats to Sarah, you are definitely someone to beat in my books! To Duncan, best of luck you handsome handsome man! To Adam..."how you doin'?"

Lastly: Team Shakira: Mary Miranda vs Cathia - Antes de las seis
Mary Miranda and Cathia came into auditions as primarily Latina singers. Obvious fans of the legendary Shakira, who turned her chair for them. To me, Latin singers are so strong, so powerful, so talented, I knew for a fact that this would have been a difficult pair to choose from. In the practices, it was a bit tough at first, with Mary Miranda not knowing the song and well with Cathia having the obvious advantage by knowing it. Personally, I thought Cathia complaining that it was a hard practice because Mary wasn't 100% certain about the song showed poor taste, which made me lean on Mary's side. Tonz agreed. Ain't no need to be snitchin'.  But after all the advice given by Joel and Shakira, the girls both upped the ante and did their very best.
During the Battle Renditions, the girls sounded marvelous. Cathia had a more mature sound in my opinion. Mary Miranda sound so sweet and smooth, it was like it was effortless. In the end, our girl Mary Miranda won the battle remaining on team Shakira!!! Well done, for a girl who didn't know the song! *side eye to Cathia* At the very end, Cathia was stolen from Shakira by Usher, whose wonderful coaching skills and sternness I think would work well with her. Congrats to Cathia as well!

From the montage of battles; Justin Rivers remains on Team Blake, Amy Whitcomb remains on Team Adam and Michelle Chamuel remains on Team Usher.

Battles are now to the KNOCK OUT ROUNDS! K...O! "Killer Instinct Voice". We're excited and hope you are two! Stay tuned and look for our next review. Share with your friends and like us on twitter!

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Till next time!

Giz and Tonz

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