Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Voice: Battle Round No. 2

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Giz: So sorry this review is late!!! We both work and live in different countries! It's kinda hard to be on time, buuuuuuuuut, we are trying! Battle No. 2 is being reviewed by Tonz! Woohoo!

Ok so after that fantastic start to the battle rounds I was expecting this one to just blow me away (pun intended) just the same. But I have to say it didn’t really live up to my expectations.  But they were good non -the -less. 
But I have to say I have one BIG GROUSE with NBC about this battle rounds. Why, oh why were there not one, not two, but THREE battles that were excluded from showing? And where exactly can I see them? Is it because this one was a one hour show instead of two?? Anyways as Carson would say ‘ let the battle begin’…

*Please click the battle headers to view video clips of each battle*

Now I barely remember Warren’s audition but I do know he is country and Adam wanted a country artist, Gis didn’t remember Warren’s audition at all. Incredibly Michael is also a country artist and I do remember his audition. Both artists are in the service with Warren being a fireman and Michael a sheriff. I don’t really know this song but I have faith in Adam and I know he knows what he’s doing. Warren starts off strong and he has a sexy swag about him that I’m immediately drawn to along with his dance moves lol. Michael has a strong voice as well and he looks like a teddy bear I just want to hug him tight with his big belly lol. They harmonize together really well.  Gis thought Warren was smooth and Michael was rough. Throughout the battle Warren was a bit inaudible according to Gis and she believed Michael was the better singer. I wasn’t sure who Adam was going to choose because in their own right they were each good, I mean they had to be in order to get Adam to turn his chair. In the end Adam chose sexy fireman Warren to be the winner and we really couldn’t argue with him there. Good luck teddy bear sheriff Michael.

First thoughts – well hello Josiah! (from both Gis and I). I don’t recall his audition but Gis does and she liked it a lot. Jeff is ok in the looks department and well I don’t think I saw his audition.
During the practice time Josiah and Jeff had a little bromance going on and they both thought they sounded good and low and behold they got Usher mad! I mean who does that?! Who makes Usher mad?! Gis makes mention of Usher’s coaching style, he is good, same page. I believe the producers really like Usher’s teaching technique because they showed his practice session a bit more than the others. The battle round was kind of short but Josiah really sang his heart out and he had a rough sexy edge to his voice. While Jeff sounded a bit pop-ish but he still held his own. The battle was spectacular and the other judges did agree on this much to Usher’s annoyance lol. But ultimately it did belong to Josiah and I’m glad he won, if only so I could see his sexy model face one more time ;). So long Jeff.

Now these two are great country/pop singers. I turned my chair for them both and was glad when they were chosen. BOTH their auditions were that good. I feel like I’ve heard Caroline’s voice before though and not in a bad way because I really like it. Danielle is young and untrained but her voice is strong and she was able to find the confidence that was missing during the practice session. Giselle’s thought was that she is ‘real good’.  She felt that Caroline’s voice is different and a bit soft but she loves it just as me. Danielle really belted out some notes and immediately we knew that Blake is going to choose her and we’re hoping Adam is listening an as impressed as we are with Caroline to steal her. It was a tough battle though because even though Danielle was strong in her notes and very confident and consistent Caroline held her own and I am really attracted to her voice. So in the end Blake chose Danielle as we knew he would and we are urging Adam to push his button and he DOES! Yes! *fist pump* but wait so does Usher *double fist pump* it’s a battle for her and I love it (ha in your face Blake). Overall Adam wins because he did turn his chair for her during her audition so YES! She is not out of the competition and we are thrilled. Take that Blake.

So this was a good enough battle round overall. I am again most peeved with NBC about the missing battles that weren’t shown. 

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